SYT76G006/7.5FT Led pre-lit Fiber optical Dancing Artificial Christmas Slim Tree

7.5FT Led pre-lit Fiber optical Dancing Premium Artificial Christmas Slim Tree

900 pvc &hard needle,  72 branches, Slim profile tree, Pre-lit with 87 multi-function LED  Crystals

Sole patent on fiber optic Led changing structure

1. Fanciing scene covers & Static fibre optic tree
2. Fibre optics are spread along and at the end of flat branches for amazing effect
3. 23 multiple colour changing functions´╝Ü flying & glittering fireworks, dancing colorful & knitting ribbon, rotating tree, rotating colors (6 & 3), spiraling colors (6 & 3), 6-color Refreshing, A Galloping Colorful Train, bottom-up piling block & colorful steed, top-down dismantling blocks, 4-color fancy refreshing, 1-color rotation, 6-Color Gradient &, rising, descending, contracting, diffusing, rotating & rippling rainbow Control box included for setting static colour, speed, dynamic mode, pause & 8h or 24h
4. 8H function turns tree off after 8 hours and 24H functions tree stays on
5. Pedal remote controller
6. Includes white stand
7. Some assembly & sprucing required
8. Mains operated
9. Product complies with UL, CE, GE, Australian safety & performance requirements